The Thermal Performance Assessment is carried out by suitably qualified assessors and it determines the homes ability to maintain a comfortable temperature year round with a minimum drain on energy consumption.

It achieves this by measuring the heating and cooling loads of each conditioned zone within the home. These heating and cooling loads are arrived at by imputing all relevant building and design information into a sophisticated computer model (BERS Pro).

The heating and cooling loads must be equal to or less than those set down by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure for your climate zone to be compliant with BASIX. If this is not achieved in the first instance we will make recommendations as to how you can achieve compliance.

It is recommended that a Thermal Performance Assessment be carried out prior to finalising the Development Application plans as the design may need to be amended to achieve compliance with BASIX.

Once we have achieved a satisfactory assessment we will require a complete set of final drawings for stamping.

We are required to keep one set of completed stamped plans for ABSA auditing purposes.

Your final selection of building materials will be specified in the BERSPro detailed Building Element Report for you reference.

The Assessor stamped plans must be submitted to Council with your Development Application.