How BASIX Certification Works in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong

Introduced by the New South Wales Government in 2004, BASIX is an initiative that stands for ‘Building Sustainability Index.’ The goal of this initiative is to increase the energy efficiency of building projects throughout NSW. Specifically …read more .

How Much Does a BASIX Certificate Cost in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Wollongong?

If you have built a home, added an extension, or installed a pool on your property, you are aware of a BASIX certificate. Introduced by the NSW government in 2004, a building sustainability index (BASIX) certificate is required for all new …read more .

Be Sure to Understand the BASIX Certificate Definition in Sydney So that You Are in Compliance When You Begin Building a Swimming Pool

One of the first things you should do if you are considering adding a swimming pool to your property in Sydney is to get in touch with your local council. You should know all of the building and safety regulations as well as state and …read more .

Why Choose Chapman Environmental Service for Your BASIX Certificate in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle or Wollongong

If any of these scenarios describe or approximate your current situation, then you will need to obtain a BASIX certificate before commencing your building project in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast or Newcastle. You must have this certificate …read more .

Understanding the Rules of BASIX Certificates in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong

What is a BASIX certificate and why do you need one before you can go ahead with building a home or making considerable renovations to your existing home? What does BASIX even mean? Do you, as the homeowner, have to worry about getting BASIX …read more .

Ensure a Greener Home: Call Chapman Environmental Service for an Energy Efficient Certificate in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle or Wollongong

In New South Wales, there are numerous reasons to pursue a more energy efficient home design. First of all, going through the process of obtaining an energy efficient certificate in Sydney or Central Coast might be the difference between …read more .

Building a Home in Newcastle or Wollongong? Obtain Your Energy Efficient Certification from Sydney and Central Coast Provider Chapman Environment Services

If you are planning on building a home in or near Sydney or the Central Coast, you know that it is an exciting time but one that can be very frustrating as well. There are many things that you probably did not realise that you need to complete …read more .

In Search of a Residential Thermal Performance Assessment? Chapman Environmental Services Delivers National Support and Diverse Services.

The domestic housing market proves healthy. According to the Global Property Guide, prices rose 11.4% across Australia in 2015 – reflecting a steady consumer demand and a need for new development. To ensure this development meets the recent …read more .

Be Prepared When Building Your Extension, Have a Thermal Performance Assessment near Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong

If you are planning on extending your home with a significant addition to the existing structure, you are going to require a thermal performance assessment from Sydney area provider Chapman Environmental Services. Recent legislation means that …read more .

In Need of a Thermal Performance Assessor in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, or Central Coast? Chapman Environmental Services Delivers Experienced Support.

In 2004, sustainable planning arrived in Australia, with the BASIX assessment establishing new benchmarks for water, residential greenhouse gases, and overall energy usage. This programme – launched by the New South Wales Planning and …read more .

In Need of a BASIX Assessment in Sydney, Central Coast, and Beyond? Chapman Environmental Services Delivers Qualified Certification.

A quest for sustainability drives the Australian market. In 2004 the New South Wales Department of Planning and Infrastructure launched a series of guidelines – each meant to reduce water consumption and lessen energy usage, promoting a green …read more .

Key Points Regarding The BASIX Certificate for Apartment Blocks

So, you need that BASIX Certificate for apartment blocks before commencing work on your structure? A common occurrence nowadays, and one that will require careful understanding of all the rules in place. Easier said than done, though, so Chapman …read more .

How Will You Know If You Need to Get A BASIX Certificate for Multi-Unit Developments?

The simple answer would be: “the building has multiple units”. The real answer has slightly more nuance to it, however. The BASIX Certificate for multi-unit developments applies to a range of new multiple home developments, including …read more .

BASIX Certificate for New Dwellings Has a Proven Effect

Some developers might have been displeased with the implementation of BASIX, but it’s had a good amount of success in reducing water and energy consumption, and can overall be seen as a positive measure that has put environmental and sustainability …read more .

What You Need to Know about BASIX Certificate Requirements

If you are building a new home in New South Wales or renovating/adding to an old one, then there is likely a BASIX assessment in your future. BASIX (which is short for ‘building sustainability index’) is a series of benchmarks set by the NSW …read more .

BASIX Requirements: What You Should Expect from a Sustainability Inspection in Sydney

You are renovating your home or building an addition and the construction costs exceed $50,000. To lodge the development application, you will have to go through a sustainability assessment and obtain a BASIX Certificate for the dwelling. The …read more .

Looking for A Qualified Sustainability Assessor On the Central Coast?

If you’ve done any research into BASIX at all, you already know that it’s Australia’s premier standard for sustainability planning and a crucial component in assuring that residential properties conform to reasonable levels regarding water …read more .

You Know You Need a Sustainability Assessor in Newcastle. Why Not Hire the Best?

It’s an unavoidable fact in 2016 that you’ll need to get a good sustainability assessor for your Newcastle residential property. As far as green building codes go, BASIX is rather comprehensive and requires considerable skill to determine …read more .

Does My Home Need a BASIX Certificate? When to Call a Sustainability Assessor in Sydney

‘Does my home need a BASIX Certificate?’ This question is one that we get fairly frequently at Chapmen Environmental Services Pty Ltd, so we figured we would try to clarify how these certificates work …read more .

Looking for Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable? Hire a Sustainability Assessor in Wollongong

Every time you turn on the tap in the kitchen sink or switch on the heat, your home is drawing upon resources to perform your needed function. As a result, your home has an impact on the environment and the world’s general ‘health.’ Doing what …read more .

Thermal Performance Assessment: Why Hiring a Professional Course-Trained Assessor Matters

Keeping up with building code changes is critical, and often requires the assistance of professionally trained assessors, especially in the case of a thermal performance assessor. The National Construction Code requires a specialised evaluation …read more .