Key Points Regarding The BASIX Certificate for Apartment Blocks

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So, you need that BASIX Certificate for apartment blocks before commencing work on your structure? A common occurrence nowadays, and one that will require careful understanding of all the rules in place. Easier said than done, though, so Chapman Environmental Services has some key BASIX points that you’ll want to keep in mind while seeking your BASIX Certificate for apartment blocks.

You’re likely already aware of the fact that BASIX is a universal standard that covers the entirety of NSW Council areas, and that it is one of the strongest measures ever taken for promoting the construction of green compliant buildings that more efficiently utilise resources. New structures cannot exceed the limits put in place by BASIX, but there is flexibility in how one chooses to meet particular goals. In the end, the completed building will be better suited for environmental friendliness and cost less to run overall. In an apartment block, where there is a diverse sampling of residents, this is particularly helpful in keeping costs standard and predictable.

Remember, energy efficiency is in everyone’s best interests. In addition to keeping costs low, it is kind to the environment. The reduced emissions aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas effects, which have been shown to cause a rise in the Earth’s temperature, contributing to the net negative global phenomenon known as climate change.

With that in mind, isn’t it a good idea to have your BASIX Certificate for apartment blocks performed by a service that knows their stuff? Chapman Environmental Services has you covered. If you need a skilled sustainability assessor for your next building project, email us at or give us a call on 0414 265 292.