How Will You Know If You Need to Get A BASIX Certificate for Multi-Unit Developments?

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The simple answer would be: “the building has multiple units”. The real answer has slightly more nuance to it, however. The BASIX Certificate for multi-unit developments applies to a range of new multiple home developments, including townhouses and subdivisions. Like the single dwelling assessment, it covers water, energy use and “thermal comfort”, but it is tweaked to accommodate larger developments better. If you were to take a look at the specifics, you’d see many “encouraged features” that could go a long way to making such a building more efficient and more likely to conform to the appropriate standards.

What do these recommendations include? They’re varied, and incorporate elements such as a solar hot water system, liberal use of natural lighting, ceiling fans, thermal insulation, use of a clothes line, energy saving appliances, performance glass, and carbon monoxide monitoring. These features help to reduce the amount of energy the building uses by conserving heat and lowering the power draw of electronics, as well as maximising the efficiency of the structure overall. The assessment will also take the orientation of the building into account, as this affects how the heating and cooling abilities of the property throughout the year.

Naturally, obtaining the BASIX certificate for multi-unit developments will require careful adherence to the guidelines, and will need an assessor who is knowledgeable to identify correctly if your property is in compliance with the rules. Our suggestion? Chapman Environmental Services, of course. We have the skills, experience, and licensing to ensure proper assessment every time. You can email us at or contact us by phone on 0414 265 292.