BASIX Certificate for New Dwellings Has a Proven Effect

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Some developers might have been displeased with the implementation of BASIX, but it’s had a good amount of success in reducing water and energy consumption, and can overall be seen as a positive measure that has put environmental and sustainability concerns squarely at the forefront of regional consciousness. Were you aware that households were responsible for a third of all the energy consumption in NSW?

The amount spent on energy bills was much higher than necessary, and the implementation of BASIX has done a great job at curtailing it. The truth is taking care of the environment also helps you in taking care of your wallet. Are you clued in on your BASIX basics? Chapman Environmental Services, experts in assessing the BASIX Certificate for new dwellings, wants to inform you of some of the specifics.

The BASIX Certificate for new dwellings addresses many home features that can have an effect on how the home uses energy. How many rooms do you think this includes? The correct answer is all of them. The bathroom, kitchen, living areas, and bedrooms can all be optimised to use less energy, save you money, and help the environment. By equipping a property with modern appliances, fittings, insulation, and building materials, it can be significantly improved to conform to the BASIX standards, and use much less regarding overall resources.

When you’re ready to obtain your BASIX Certificate for new dwellings, you’ll need to call on one of the most experienced assessors in the game. That means you’ll need to reach out to Chapman Environmental Services. We’re knowledgeable about all of the ins and outs, and quickly perform our work so that you can keep your schedule moving. Contact your skilled sustainability at, or call us on 0414 265 292.