Why Choose Chapman Environmental Service for Your BASIX Certificate in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle or Wollongong

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  • Scenario A: You just purchased a parcel of land and are planning on building a new home for your family.
  • Scenario B: You have been saving up for years for a home renovation or addition and are ready to take the plunge. You’ve recently received a project estimate back from your builder and the project exceeds $50,000 in construction value.
  • Scenario C: You are putting in a pool or spa with a volume greater than 40kl.

If any of these scenarios describe or approximate your current situation, then you will need to obtain a BASIX certificate before commencing your building project in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast or Newcastle. You must have this certificate to lodge it with Council along with your Development Application or Complying Development Certificate. Furthermore, you can only get this certificate by having your building plans reviewed, assessed and certified by a qualified and licenced assessor.

Choosing the Right Assessor

If your building project aligns with the core criteria discussed in scenarios A, B and C, then you already know that you need a BASIX certificate. The question is, how can you find a suitably ‘qualified and licenced assessor’ to review your building plans and provide the certification you require?

For these services, look no further than Chapman Environmental Service. As long as you can provide us with a full set of plans for your construction project (including floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans and window schedules), then we can review those plans and let you know whether or not you are compliant with NSW BASIX standards. We accept building plans either via post or email.

How can you know that Chapman Environmental Service is the right company to provide you with a BASIX certificate in Newcastle or Central Coast? Consider these advantages of our assessment services:

  • Free quote: Depending on the size or scope of your construction project, the fee for your BASIX assessment and certification may vary. At Chapman Environmental Service, you can send us your building plans without making a payment commitment. Within 24 hours of receiving your plans, we will offer you a free quote for what we will charge to assess the property.
  • Fast Turnaround: If you accept our fee proposal, we will email you with a Client Checklist. Complete the checklist and send it back and we will get to work assessing your property. We understand the pressing nature of construction and renovation work, so we will work to get your plans back to you as quickly as possible—either with a BASIX certificate or an explanation for why your plans don’t meet BASIX benchmarks.
  • Qualified Assessor: Not only will councils not accept BASIX certificates from unqualified or unlicensed entities, but you can also just expect a more thorough service by choosing a qualified assessor. Working with an accredited company ensures that your BASIX assessment will be conducted based on the very latest BASIX requirements.

Get Your BASIX Certificate Quote in Wollongong or Central Coast Today

Are you ready to get your BASIX certificate in Central Coast, Sydney, Wollongong or Newcastle? Send your building plans to Chapman Environmental Service today to get your free assessment quote. You can email plans to terry@basixcertificates.com.au.