Understanding the Rules of BASIX Certificates in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong

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What is a BASIX certificate and why do you need one before you can go ahead with building a home or making considerable renovations to your existing home? What does BASIX even mean? Do you, as the homeowner, have to worry about getting BASIX certificates for your property in Sydney or Newcastle?

These questions are ones that we tend to hear frequently at Chapman Environmental Service. BASIX certificates, while required for all building projects in New South Wales, aren’t items that homeowners tend to understand. As a result, when someone tells you that you need a BASIX certificate for a home renovation project in Central Coast or a new home construction in Wollongong, you might at first be a bit confused.

What Is a BASIX Certificate?

Luckily, at Chapman Environment Service, we are happy to walk you through the basics of BASIX certificates (pun intended). No matter what type of construction project you are thinking about undertaking, understanding what a BASIX certificate is and why you might need one is worthwhile.

In July 2004, the concept of BASIX certification arrived in NSW. The national government introduced the legislation first in Sydney but later expanded it to the entire country. Today, the NSW Government (specifically the Department of Planning & Development) enforces BASIX certification for virtually all building projects. BASIX is an abbreviation which stands for ‘Building Sustainability Index.’ In other words, getting BASIX certificates for your projects in Newcastle or Central Coast mostly just means that your project has been reviewed and certified to meet certain sustainable environmentally friendly standards.

There are three basic goals of the BASIX certification programme:

  1. Reduce potable water consumption by 40%.
  2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.
  3. Set standards for the thermal performance of the home.

The NSW Government requires that all new home construction project plans be reviewed to verify their accordance with these goals. All home renovations or additions, if they exceed $50,000 in cost, must also undergo certification.

Work with Chapman Environmental Service in Wollongong or Sydney

If your home construction project meets either of the criteria listed above (e.g. is a new construction or has more than $50,000 in proposed additions, alterations or repairs), then you are required by law to have a BASIX certificate before you get started. Generally, your building company or contractor should handle this step of the process. However, if you are conducting a DIY renovation or aren’t sure if your building professional went through the BASIX certification process, it’s a good idea to ask just to be sure.

At Chapman Environment Service, we are fully qualified and licenced as BASIX certifiers. No matter the scope of your home renovation or construction process, we can provide thorough and compliant BASIX assessments NSW-wide. Whether you need BASIX certificates in Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong or Newcastle, we can help. Call us today to learn more about our services or to ask any questions you may have about the BASIX certification process. You can reach us by calling 0414 265 292.