BASIX Requirements: What You Should Expect from a Sustainability Inspection in Sydney

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You are renovating your home or building an addition and the construction costs exceed $50,000. To lodge the development application, you will have to go through a sustainability assessment and obtain a BASIX Certificate for the dwelling. The question is, what should you expect? What do BASIX requirements look like in Sydney?

The goal of BASIX (building sustainability index) is to reduce the amount of energy and water used by residential dwellings in NSW. That aim sounds simple, but since a wide range of factors can affect water and energy usage, BASIX requirements in Sydney are more intensive than you might realise.

Indeed, a BASIX assessment of your dwelling will look at landscaping, fixtures, alternative water sources, swimming pools, spas, insulation and other ‘thermal comfort commitments,’ hot water systems, cooling systems, heating systems, ventilation, lighting, alternative energy installations and more.

Each of these broader categories includes a few checklist items that your BASIX assessor will look over while reviewing your dwelling. For instance, the ‘alternative water’ segment deals with matters of rainwater collection, while the ‘heating system’ section has notes about energy rating requirements.

To get a better sense of what to expect from the BASIX requirements for a forthcoming Sydney home assessment, click here. The linked page is a sample BASIX Certificate. Looking through the document will help you understand which features a sustainability assessor will be looking for while inspecting your home.

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