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In New South Wales, there are numerous reasons to pursue a more energy efficient home design. First of all, going through the process of obtaining an energy efficient certificate in Sydney or Central Coast might be the difference between having your building project approved or denied. Ensuring that your building plans constitute an energy efficient home design is a vital step towards making sure that your home meets BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) standards. (The New South Wales Government developed BASIX benchmarks to boost the overall energy efficiency and minimise the water usage of homes nationwide.)

The Advantages of an Energy Efficient Home

However, while jumping through hoops to get you energy efficient certificates in Newcastle or Wollongong might seem like an inconvenience right now, it will have benefits beyond just having your building project approved. Indeed, arguably the biggest reason to pursue a more energy efficient home design isn’t to meet government standards, but to give yourself and your family the long-term benefits of sustainable systems.

Here are just a few of the advantages that an energy efficient certificate assessment can help you to bring to your home in Central Coast or Sydney. Our assessors at Chapman Environmental Service can point out areas for improvement in each of these categories.

  • More Effective Heating and Cooling Systems: One type of energy efficient assessment we offer at Chapman Environmental Service is the Thermal Performance Assessment. This assessment primarily looks at your home to determine that your heating and cooling systems will be able to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature without using a huge amount of energy. Everything from the appliances being used for heating and cooling to the quality of the home’s insulation and building materials, through to the ventilation system design, can affect a home’s ability to stay warm or cool. Investing in the best appliances, materials and designs can save you a fortune on heating and cooling, while also helping you to pass both your Thermal Performance Assessment and your BASIX assessment.
  • Smarter Window Design: Another factor that can affect your home’s energy bill is the windows. Big windows, windows with low-quality frames or windows that haven’t been glazed properly can leak heat in the winter. In turn, these windows can add dollars to your heating bill and result in a home that is both less comfortable and less energy efficient than it should be. At Chapman Environmental Service, we look at your window schedules as part of your energy efficient certificate assessment in Wollongong or Newcastle.
  • Alternative Energy Usage: Showing plans to utilise photovoltaic systems (solar energy) or other alternative energies in your home can go a long way in helping you to secure energy efficient and BASIX certificates. While alternative energies often have a high installation cost, they can reward you with years of reduced energy expenses.

Get Your Energy Efficient Certificate in Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle or Wollongong

Do you need an energy efficient certificate in NSW? Do you need BASIX certification to get your building project started? Or are you simply looking for tips to design a more sustainable, environmentally friendly home? In any event, call Chapman Environmental Service today to see what we can do to help. You can reach us on 0414 265 292 or by sending an email to terry@basixcertificates.com.au.