Building a Home in Newcastle or Wollongong? Obtain Your Energy Efficient Certification from Sydney and Central Coast Provider Chapman Environment Services

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If you are planning on building a home in or near Sydney or the Central Coast, you know that it is an exciting time but one that can be very frustrating as well. There are many things that you probably did not realise that you need to complete before or while the home is being built. One such item is an energy efficient certification for your Sydney home. As required by law, all construction projects valued at more than $50,000 including pools and spas with a volume greater than 40kl must undergo an assessment and an energy efficient certification. Chapman Environmental Services provides energy assessments in Newcastle, Wollongong, and surrounding areas. This is not the only extra cost you may incur while building the home of your dreams.

Soil and Contour Tests

Before you even receive a quote from a builder, they will need two separate tests completed to ensure the continuation of the project. A soil test is performed by drilling holes on the property in various spots and gathering samples. The soil is analysed carefully to determine if there are any issues. Those who have rocky soil may incur greater costs from the builder because of the difficulty involved.

A contour test surveys the property and reveals its slope. Builders need to know if the home will stand on a gradient. They will need to adjust their plans accordingly and it is likely that a builder would charge more for constructing a home on a sloped block.

BASIX – Energy Efficient Certification for Central Coast Homes

BASIX, or Building Sustainability Index, was instituted by the NSW government in 2004 as a means of reducing the amount of water and energy that homes use. All new dwellings have to meet certain scores for energy and water consumption to be approved by the local council. The scores are devised by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure and vary by the climate zone in which a home is constructed.

Those who are building a home must obtain their energy efficient certification for their Newcastle home from a qualified BASIX assessor. Chapman Environmental Services has nearly a decade of experience in providing clients with BASIX and thermal assessments. Our reputation continues to grow because of our fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. We do offer a free quote that you can receive within 24 hours of contacting us. What we need to provide you with the most accurate quote are a few items. The floor plans of your dwelling preferably in PDF format as well as elevations, sections, and a site plan with the north point. Once we receive your drawings, we can develop our fee proposal which we can deliver to you within 24 hours.

If you are building a new home, do not hesitate. Call Chapman Environmental Services for your energy efficient certification in Wollongong so you can complete your dream home. Call us on 0414 265 292 or click the Contact tab on our website. You can also reach us by sending an email to