You Know You Need a Sustainability Assessor in Newcastle. Why Not Hire the Best?

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It’s an unavoidable fact in 2016 that you’ll need to get a good sustainability assessor for your Newcastle residential property. As far as green building codes go, BASIX is rather comprehensive and requires considerable skill to determine correctly if a building is up to snuff. Have you ever wondered what sort of details your assessor will be looking at to make their judgment? Chapman Environmental Services is a noted sustainability assessor around Newcastle that has the lowdown on what to look for in a property assessment.

The BASIX assessment bears many factors in mind, including (but not limited to) the building materials, water system, insulation, window specifics, building orientation, HVAC system, lighting, alternative energy sources, ventilation, etc. These all come into play because BASIX sets maximum limits on heating and cooling loads, energy and water use, gas emissions, etc. and these can all be affected by particulars in a residential building’s design and structure.

Your assessor will gather information about the specifics of the building, and compare your building’s data against a database that contains averages that your building should fall within. The benchmarks vary based upon the type of dwelling, but a skilled sustainability assessor knows how to use all of the available tools to reach the correct conclusion.

If you’re searching for a sustainability assessor in Newcastle, might we suggest our services? Chapman Environmental Services, are highly qualified to perform such assessments, and can provide competitive pricing and a fast turnaround. We can deliver a quote within 24 hours, and thanks to our experience can get to work quickly and efficiently. Email us at or contact us on 0414 265 292.