Does My Home Need a BASIX Certificate? When to Call a Sustainability Assessor in Sydney

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‘Does my home need a BASIX Certificate?’ This question is one that we get fairly frequently at Chapmen Environmental Services Pty Ltd, so we figured we would try to clarify how these certificates work.

Essentially, a BASIX Certificate is proof that your home is sustainable and environmentally conscious. In 2004, the NSW Government made BASIX Certificates a matter of law, to help promote the reduction of water and energy use in residential dwellings. At Chapman, we work as sustainability assessors in Sydney and spend most of our time conducting BASIX inspections.

So does your home need a BASIX Certificate? Or are you exempt from the law that the NSW Government passed in 2004? Here are three factors that might mean it’s time to call a sustainability assessor in Sydney.

  1. Your home is a new construction: If you just built a new home, or purchased a house directly from a developer, then you need a BASIX Certificate. You should check with the seller to see whether or not the dwelling has already had a BASIX assessment.
  2. You are renovating your home or building an addition: Renovation projects or additions are two occurrences that might render an older home due for a BASIX assessment. If the construction value of the alterations is more than $50,000, schedule an appointment with a sustainability assessor in Sydney.
  3. You have a pool or spa: All homes with pools or spas whose combined water volume is greater than 40kl must submit for a BASIX Certificate.

To learn more about BASIX or to schedule your sustainability assessment, call Chapman Environmental Services on 0414 265 292.