Looking for Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable? Hire a Sustainability Assessor in Wollongong

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Every time you turn on the tap in the kitchen sink or switch on the heat, your home is drawing upon resources to perform your needed function. As a result, your home has an impact on the environment and the world’s general ‘health.’ Doing what you can to make your home sustainable can reduce your environmental footprint so that you are doing what you can to protect the planet. Also, making your home more sustainable can save you money on your energy and water bills. In short, pursuing a more sustainable residence is a true win-win proposition.

At Chapman Environmental Services Pty Ltd, we can help you make your home more environmentally conscious. We are a sustainability assessor in Wollongong, which means that we can come in and measure your home’s environmental footprint. Under NSW law, certain dwellings must comply with BASIX standards. (BASIX stands for ‘building sustainability index.’) All new homes, or additions with a value greater than $50,000, must undergo BASIX assessments, as must homes with pools and spas that have a water volume of 40kl or greater.

Chapman Environmental Services will send a sustainability assessor to your Wollongong home to determine whether or not you are compliant with BASIX requirements. If you are not, we can provide tips to help you achieve compliance. We can help with energy saving light bulbs and appliances to rainwater collection techniques.

If you want to make sure that your home is using energy and water in an environmentally conscious way, call Chapman Environmental Services on 0414 265 292 to schedule an appointment with a sustainability assessor in Wollongong.