Thermal Performance Assessment: Why Hiring a Professional Course-Trained Assessor Matters

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Keeping up with building code changes is critical, and often requires the assistance of professionally trained assessors, especially in the case of a thermal performance assessor. The National Construction Code requires a specialised evaluation of a proposed unit or building’s thermal efficiency. The code aims to ensure that new buildings meet specific energy efficiency standards, and it requires detailed information and calculations, as well as the use of specific, approved software to determine the level of energy efficiency of the proposed structure. Hiring a professional assessor who has completed a thermal performance assessor course is how you ensure that you receive an evaluation that meets the Nation Construction Code criteria, and helps smooth the way for your Development Application to be accepted by the local Council.

Chapman Environmental Services has accredited sustainability assessors who will use their extensive knowledge and experience to give you the peace of mind that you’re meeting all building code requirements in your new home or extension. Our team has over ten years of combined experience in the BASIX industry. We will evaluate your plans and make recommendations if needed to help you achieve full compliance with the current BASIX requirements.

What Is a Thermal Performance Assessment?

A thermal performance assessment is a comprehensive look at the overall ability of a building to maintain its temperature. This comprehensive appraisal is based on a multitude of variables, including materials used for construction, building orientation (to evaluate the effects of sun and shade), insulation materials and design, and window efficiency, including glazing and their orientation to the sun. Heating and cooling loads of the building are part of the overall picture, and other factors such as insulation of ductwork, artificial lighting, and pool heating factor into the final calculations as well. Specific, accredited House Energy Rating software must be used in the evaluation to determine if all elements are “Deemed to Satisfy.” Chapman Environmental Services uses BERS Professional software, one of the only three programs that are approved for use. Our assessors are skilled in the use of the program, as well as applying it to various types of structures, including townhouses, multi-unit developments, pools and spas, and home additions. We recommend that the evaluation is completed before filing a Development Application with the local Council to leave room for modifications if any become necessary to attain compliance.

What We Need to Complete the Assessment

For our team to complete the thermal performance assessment, we would require a full set of blueprints that include floor plans, elevations, sections, a site plan with a north point, and a window schedule if that information is not on the plans already. We are happy to receive plans in PDF format via email or through the post. Once we review the blueprints, we will contact you with a fee proposal, which if signed would be followed by a Client Checklist to expedite the process of completing the assessment. For more information on the process, please contact us on 1300 004 914. We look forward to working with you.