Be Prepared When Building Your Extension, Have a Thermal Performance Assessment near Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong

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If you are planning on extending your home with a significant addition to the existing structure, you are going to require a thermal performance assessment from Sydney area provider Chapman Environmental Services. Recent legislation means that anyone proposing to build a new home, add a pool, or add an extension must meet certain energy and water usage standards. Your assessments must be completed by a qualified and licenced assessor like Chapman Environmental Services. For almost a decade, we have been providing valuable, economical assessment services to the Sydney and Central Coast areas including Newcastle and Wollongong. When you are planning your renovations, here is what you can expect.

The Thermal Performance Assessment of your Central Coast Home Improves Thermal Comfort

A thermal performance assessment determines the ability of a home to maintain a comfortable temperature year round with the lowest possible drain on energy consumption. When building an extension to your home, there are some options for improving thermal performance. You can start with windows. Add windows (or replace windows) with high-performance units that are appropriate for the climate. If you plan to keep existing windows, consider retrofitting double glazing. Another option is to use polycarbonate films that will act like double glazing. The film can be removed in the summer when the temperatures are warmer.

Another consideration to boost your thermal performance is to improve your ventilation and overall air movement within the home. One easy thing you can do is install ceiling fans throughout the house. Also, installing fans that will ventilate your roof space in the summer months can help your home’s thermal performance. Improved ventilation will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the colder months. The result is the use of less energy to maintain your home’s temperature.

How We Perform a Thermal Performance Assessment of Your Newcastle Home

To complete a thorough thermal performance assessment, we must have a full set of plans for your home and building project. We need floor plans, elevations, sections, a site plan with the north point, and a window schedule. We determine the home’s ability to maintain comfortable temperatures all year long without drawing too much energy by inputting the plans into an intricate computer model, the BERS Pro. The model will determine the heating and cooling loads of each conditioned zone within your home. These loads have to be less than or equal to the heating and cooling loads presented by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure to be compliant with BASIX.

If we determine that your home is not compliant, Chapman Environmental Services will make recommendations so that you can achieve compliance. We recommend that your thermal performance assessment is completed before finalising the Development Application plans since there may be design changes required to gain compliance from BASIX.

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