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In 2004, sustainable planning arrived in Australia, with the BASIX assessment establishing new benchmarks for water, residential greenhouse gases, and overall energy usage. This programme – launched by the New South Wales Planning and Environment Commission – sought to redefine national consumption levels. It created a need for smart construction and more intelligent community development. It also created a need for thermal performance assessors in Sydney and beyond.

Chapman Environmental Services recognises the importance of the BASIX assessment – just as we realise the necessity of thermal performance assessors in Newcastle, thermal performance assessors in Wollongong, and thermal performance assessors in Central Coast. To ensure that all quality benchmarks are properly maintained, these individuals analyse the consumption of every home – and they are invaluable for sustainability planning.

Since 2008 we’ve served as the premier thermal performance assessors in Sydney, Newcastle, and beyond. We connect our clients to the experienced support they need, promising that assessments are all completed with accuracy, expediency, and efficiency. We streamline the compliance process and enable BASIX standards.

We also promote convenience, with our thermal performance assessors in Newcastle and beyond offering free no-obligation quotes and quick turnarounds. Achieving sustainability is no longer a challenge.

Seeking Thermal Performance Assessors in Central Coast and Beyond: Our Qualifications

To promote BASIX compliance, individuals must ensure that their construction projects deliver energy control. A thermal performance assessor in Wollongong or a thermal performance assessor in Sydney provides that control – offering comprehensive examinations of all heating and cooling systems, as well as comparing all output ratios to the rules established by the Planning and Environment Commission.

Our thermal performance assessors in Newcastle help clients meet those standards. They’re fully certified, having completed extensive training with the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). This programme ensures that our team can quickly analyse each property, identifying any potential issues with energy consumption.

Furthermore, our thermal performance assessors in Wollongong are also affiliated with the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA). This organisation provides strict mandates for energy ratings and environmental footprint reduction.

Through these qualifications, we can perform all assessments with ease and professionalism.

Our Services

To ensure the success of each project, we offer a variety of assessments, including:

  • Pools and Spas.
  • Townhouses.
  • Boarding Houses.
  • High-Rise Apartment Blocks.
  • Alterations and Additions, and more.

We help to simplify construction and improve sustainability.

In Need of a Thermal Performance Assessor in Central Coast, Sydney, and Beyond? Contact Chapman Environmental Services.

The value of the BASIX programme is undeniable. Thermal assessments simply ensure that this value is maintained. To learn more about our services – or to request a free quote – contact us today on 0-414-265-293 or via To request further information about thermal performance assessments send us an online enquiry. We’ll quickly respond to all comments, questions, or policy concerns.